Ellie’s wagon

An American icon, the Radio Flyer wagon is a red cart that you can either pull your children around in or when they’re older, allow them to pull stuff around. They’re quite expensive these days, so when we saw a pimped-out “all-terrain” model at a thrift shop, we snapped it up.

This morning, I took Ellie for a walk in it before it got too hot and she just loved looking around at the people, trees and animals as we wandered around our new placid neighborhood. Continue reading “Ellie’s wagon”

Dancing with Ellie [VIDEO]

I encourage every father to spend time dancing with his daughter. I can’t dance to save my life, as is evident in this video, but I’m building memories and a strong bond with my daughter which is far more important than looking like a burk.

Dads, man up, and dance with your daughters. Continue reading “Dancing with Ellie [VIDEO]”