Ellie explains the solar system [VIDEO]

During dinner, I’ve previously used fruit and the lamp above the table to try and explain the basics of the solar system to Ellie (particularly as the solar eclipse was approaching a few months ago).

A couple of nights ago, out of the blue, Ellie grabbed a few pieces of fruit and started to explain the solar system to me, completely unprompted. That was amazing in and of itself, but she also came up with a few new theories as to why certain things happen. They weren’t all true, but seeing the cogs turn in her head is amazing to me. She is one exceptional child.
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I like that song, in the whole world, and ever [VIDEO]

When your child starts learning phrases like “in the whole world” and “forever and ever”, you can get some hilarious results when they start adding them into sentences haphazardly.

While demonstrating the songs on Jack’s fox, she described them all and then went on to tell us about the piano song:

I like that song, in the whole world, and ever

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Tuh-MAY-to, Tuh-MAH-to [VIDEO]

There are a few words which Ellie can’t decide how to pronounce. She hears me say WAR-tuh, whereas she’ll hear Marti say WOD-ah; she hears Marti say YOAH-gert and then hears me call it YOH-gert. Sometimes she’ll pick her pronunciation depending on who she’s speaking to.

In this video, she goes over the various options for talking about a small red fruit.
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I’m going to yoga [VIDEO]

The way that Ellie takes in the world around her and what is said is astounding. After hearing Mama say several times that shes going to yoga while Oma looks after her, Ellie now pretends that shes going to yoga occasionally.

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Let’s go fly a kite [VIDEO]

Ellie picks up on things pretty quickly. For example, she now knows plot lines in books and will start to talk about what’s happening on the page when you turn to it.

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