Saturday morning at Starbucks

A couple of weeks ago, Ellie woke up early (around 7) and I decided that since Jack was still asleep, I’d let him and Mama get some rest, so we got dressed and took a little trip to Starbucks.

To say that it was a dream morning is putting it mildly. Ellie was so well-behaved. She sat with me and read books through and through while eating bananas and drinking tea. She wowed everyone with her abilities and then proceeded to play with me on the couch without being raucous. What a hoot! Continue reading “Saturday morning at Starbucks”

Ellie’s 2nd birthday

It’s been a couple of weeks since Ellie’s birthday now, but we’ve only just had enough time to download the photos and sort through them.

We had a really enjoyable time at Dell Holmes Park in St Pete: Ellie and all of her friends made the most of the splashpad in the blistering hot weather. Continue reading “Ellie’s 2nd birthday”

Singing in the rain

Here in Florida, we’re usually experiencing blazing hot sunshine or torrential thunderstorms: nothing in between. So when we get a gentle, steady rain, it’s cause for celebration.

Mama took the opportunity to take Ellie and play in the rain and she loved it. She splashed in the puddles, let the raindrops fall on her face and played with the umbrella. If anyone could look cuter in a raincoat, I want to see proof. Continue reading “Singing in the rain”

Ellie giving Jack cuddles and a handshake [VIDEO]

After Ellie and Jack’s first introduction two days ago, they’re really acclimatising to one another. This morning, when Ellie came into our room to see us and Jack, she had this adorable interaction with him. Continue reading “Ellie giving Jack cuddles and a handshake [VIDEO]”