The last many months

I know. It’s been a long time. Because moving, life, busyness etc. But I’m here now.

We’ve been up to a lot since we got to Oregon back in March. We absolutely love it here and have done our fair share of exploring, getting out and about, and enjoying the outdoors. Continue reading “The last many months”

Monthly daddy/daughter date at Starbucks and Home Depot

Recently, we came to learn that Home Depot runs a free monthly workshop for kids where they make something simple and different each month.

Locally, Home Depot just happens to be next door to Starbucks, so once a month, Ellie and I start off by having breakfast at Starbucks and then doing the class at Home Depot. Continue reading “Monthly daddy/daughter date at Starbucks and Home Depot”

“I want to be…”

Me: “Ellie, what do you want to be when you’re older?”

Ellie: “An American.”

Me: “Well, you’re already an American. What else do you want to be?

Ellie: “Um, a girl.”

Me: “Well, you’re already that too. What else do you want to be?”

Ellie: “I want to be an engineer!”

Ellie’s really getting into building things and learning about how things work lately. Today she’s even going to help me (well, watch and learn) change the oil on my car.