Preparing for Portland

Ellie was born and raised in Florida, so for her, 65F (18C) is cool.

However, in March we’ll be moving permanently to Portland, OR. As such, Ellie is going to need a little adjustment to what the weather is like outside of the tropics.

Planning a road trip (move) from St Petersburg, FL to Portland, OR

This morning in St Pete, it was about 53F (12C), but from the way Ellie was wrapped up, you’d be forgiven for thinking a blizzard was imminent.


Of course, she’s not the only one: Jack was also bundled up this morning, but he’s less than 2 years old, so he gets a pass.

Perhaps Marti is going to be the one to get the biggest fright. After all, she’s lived in Florida for more than 30 years and she wraps up like this when it’s 64F (18C)…

It's currently 64 degrees in St Pete, Florida. Wrap up warm!

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